"Congratulations, it's a blog!"

No, the e-mail from Ghost after I set up my account didn't put it exactly like that, but nonetheless it managed to simultaneously instill a sense of accomplishment, curiosity and dread.

So what will I do with a blog? Write some tidbits about my passions, I hope. Help others from time to time, if I'm lucky. Also, I suppose it's an alternate creative outlet -- writing isn't much at all like coding, when you think about it, even though both activities can involve a keyboard.

In fact, one of the activities involves composing instructions for a fully obedient servant, that will then be executed to the letter no matter how silly those instructions may be, or incorrect for that matter.. The other activity hopefully has a bit more leeway, as people can just ignore stupid things that you write.

Enough of that for now, though.. I've got Elixir code to write, and blog posts to plan for!